RK 2

RK 2

The ROPA Keiler 2 is a 2-row trailed potato harvester with approx. 8 t bunker. As well as new details, the Keiler 2 has a fully hydraulic drive for optimal adjustment for cleaning. The Keiler 2 operates independently of the PTO speed and thus maintains all cleaning units in the optimal speed range. The result is reduced fuel consumption with reduced tractor engine speed.


  • Fully hydraulic drive of the whole harvester
  • All cleaning devices maintain their optimal speed independently of PTO speed
  • Reduced fuel consumption with reduced tractor engine speed

  • Stepless hydraulically driven disc coulter
  • Single row pickup (lanes) is possible

  • Individually adjustable depth guidance of each ridge row
  • Fully automatic ROPA ridge pressure regulation

  • ROPA quick-change system as standard
  • Quick and easy change between potato and swath pickup

  • fully hydraulic drive, fuel efficient
  • all cleaning devices maintain their optimal speed independently of PTO speed

  • the height and speed of the circulating finger comb (UFK) are steplessly adjustable from both sides
  • haulm conveyor adjustable independently of the sieving web

  • telescopic axle with automatic levelling system for increased stability
  • lifting with inserted axle means that a neighbouring row remains unaffected

  • large discharge chutes
  • ample space for sorting staff
  • height-adjustable platforms
  • quiet operation due to design of harvester

  • automatic bunker loading
  • large bunker capacity
  • optimum root protection due to cloth walking floor
  • convenient truck loading even on high trailers

  • gentle and efficient cleaning
  • high throughput
  • excellent haulm separation
  • low-maintenance and easily serviced

  • Convenient transportation due to 3 meters width and air brake system
  • Street-legal – 40 km/h
  • Low turning radius due to high turning angle and optimally placed axle


Large volume bunker with 8 t capacity

Bunker front articulation part (optional)
perfect trailer filling even of high trailers, optimal filling with automatic filling system

tray filler (optional)
hydraulically foldable tray filler in different outflow sizes is available


Ergonomical and easily integrated into any tractor cabin – basic prerequisite for relaxed harvesting

Touch terminal and video monitor in driver’s cabin
The driver has a continuous overview of all machine functions and the harvesting quality

Control unit on sorting platform
All functions of the potato harvester can be controlled form the sorting platform via the operating control including a warning device. Furthermore the speed of the sorting web can be adjusted stepless by a separate rotary switch.


Additional attachments for the fully hydraulic drive enable the user to save user-defined machine settings for adjustment to specific field conditions or when switching between ware potatoes and starch potatoes. The optional automatic sieve conveyor controls the cleaning elements based on speed. A minimum and maximum speed can be set and the ratio between minimum and maximum can be adjusted. The intelligent automatic overload system is derived from the Tiger sugar beet harvester and reliably prevents the potato harvester from overrunning. The AUX-N function allows harvesting functions to be actuated with the tractor joystick or by additional controls. The Basic task controller records the field documentation for output to the field file in the ISO-XML file format.

Wizard systems – additional attachments of the fully hydraulic drive

Harvesting programs can be saved with wizard systems

  • six programming buttons for fast saving and calling various machine settings
  • individually configurable and can be saved with names
  • ideal for repeating harvesting conditions or when switching from ware potatoes to starch potatoes

Automatic sieve conveyor wizard system

  • sieve conveyor is actuated depending on travel speed
  • minimum and maximum speed of sieve conveyor are preset
  • ratio between sieve conveyor speed and travel speed is adjustable

Automatic overload wizard system

  • if a blockage occurs the upstream cleaning units are automatically shut off
  • this prevents overrunning or damage due to overloading the harvester

Extended ISOBUS functions

Auxiliary control (AUX-N):

  • defined machine functions can be actuated with additional controls
  • additional controls can include external ISOBUS joysticks, buttons from the AUX, tractor joystick, etc.
  • Control functions can be assigned as desired

Basic task controller for ISOBUS order processing

  • Documentation of total values: area (ha), distance (km) and time (h),…
  • Data exchange between field file and task controller in ISO-XML file format
  • Orders can imported to the task controller
  • completed documentation can be easily exported


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