Keiler 1 ve Keiler 2 Rottar Gösteriminde Heyecan Verdi

Keiler 1 and Keiler 2 Impress at the Rottal-Schau

Sittelsdorf/Karpfham. It goes without saying that ROPA was represented in Karpfham at the Rottal-Schau. Many visitors came down to the Rottal area once again during fabulous weather. There was phenomenal interest in ROPA Keiler potato technology at the ROPA stand. Planting and storage technology from All in One were also introduced alongside the potato harvesters. The rustic log cabin made by Raab Holzbau made the ROPA stand an attraction.

Specially designed for the more demanding customer, ROPA's potato technology makes a convincing case, in particular with its fully hydraulic drive of the whole harvester. This means that driving with less noise and fewer vibrations is possible. All cleaning devices maintain their optimal speed independently of PTO speed.

Keiler II has a telescopic axle with extra large 750/60R 30.5 or optionally 800/45 R 30.5 radial tyres (less than 2 bar of tyre inflation pressure), which enables a width of 3 meters on the road. In the field, the Keiler II is impressively stable thanks to the axle extending to 3.5 meters. This results in significantly enhanced safety for pickers, because even in extremely difficult terrain the risk of rollover is greatly reduced.

Many detailed solutions ensure a careful and efficient potato harvest. These include, for example, a hydraulically driven disc coulter, automatic ridge pressure regulation, camera surveillance with colour monitor or also the hydraulic levelling system,...

Those who still want to see the Keiler are invited on Saturday 1 October at Fehlberger's premises, 85435 Pretzen, Hörlikofenstr 14, on Monday 3 October at ROPA's premises in 94351 Feldkirchen bei Straubing, and on 9 October at Gruber's premises, 94522 Wallersdorf, Mattenkofenerstr. 3, to see the demonstrations if they wish.

A great atmosphere could be found along with sunny weather at the busy ROPA log cabin.

The Rottal-Schau has developed into the most important exhibition of agricultural technology in Bavaria and southern Germany, and has long been a fixture on the ROPA calendar.

Many thanks to all visitors, and until next time!

Your ROPA exhibition team

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