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Training with a Future

At the beginning of the new training year, the Paintner family along with the training team greeted a total of eight motivated apprentices for the start of their careers with ROPA and PMB. From left to right: Marianne Paintner, Manfred Siegrün (training supervisor – PMB), Christiane Paintner, Christoph Reinert, Niclas Schmidt, Marina Bauer, Michael Kichhammer, Karl Besenhard, Paul Weinmann, Josef Klebensberger, Hubert Müller, Michael Wagensoner (training supervisor – ROPA), Carolin Paintner

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Keiler 1 ve Keiler 2 Rottar Gösteriminde Heyecan Verdi

Keiler 1 and Keiler 2 Impress at the Rottal-Schau

Sittelsdorf/Karpfham. It goes without saying that ROPA was represented in Karpfham at the Rottal-Schau. Many visitors came down to the Rottal area once again during fabulous weather. There was phenomenal interest in ROPA Keiler potato technology at the ROPA stand. Planting and storage technology from All in One were also introduced alongside the potato harvesters. The rustic log cabin made by Raab Holzbau made the ROPA stand an attraction.

Specially designed for the more demanding customer, ROPA's potato technology makes a convincing case, in particular with its fully hydraulic drive of the whole harvester. This means that driving with less noise and fewer vibrations is possible. All cleaning devices maintain their optimal speed independently of PTO speed.

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Fransa'daki Beet Europa'da Pancar Tekniğinde Ropa Yenilikleri

Ropa Present Innovations in Beet Technology at Beet Europe in France

Sittelsdorf / Moyvillers - Betteravenir. ROPA presented the new edition of the two-axle beet lifter in a new performance dimension at Beet Europe. Sporty modern design with manoeuvrability and agility combines with a "workhorse" in the new Panther 2 for pure pleasure when lifting beets. There are sufficient power reserves for the most extreme lifting conditions, and using XL lifting attachment demonstrates the centrepiece of it all: the new 700 hp or 768 hp Volvo inline engine with pump-nozzle injection and 16.12 litre capacity. The award winning and soil-protecting chassis system with roll stabilisation and automatic slope compensation have been flawlessly integrated into the new machine design. The unloading conveyor derived from the Tiger 6 with a more powerful hopper emptying facilitates quicker loading during the drive. The new comfort cabin with glass touch terminal and numerous automatic programmes is the basis for outstanding driving comfort and the best lifting results.

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Review of Agrosalon Moscow

Sittelsdorf/Moscow. The ROPA Tiger 6, the most powerful sugar-beet lifter in the world, will be introduced to the world at the Agrosalon trade fair and it will be awarded a gold medal for innovation for its overall design. The heart of the machine is the new 700 hp or 768 hp engine with pump-nozzle injection and 16.12 litre capacity. Compared to the Tiger 5, power has been increased to 105 kW (142 hp). The new machine design has a perfectly integrated drive system with automatic slope compensation and is extremely gentle on the soil. The more powerful bunker-emptying mechanism provides faster truck loading on the move. The comfort cabin with glass touch terminal, WLAN interface and numerous automatic programmes offers top driving comfort for the best lifting results.

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